Our product is provided AS IS and meant as a timely and cost-effective alternative to an otherwise costly and long process of developing a custom website. So keeping that in mind, there are some limitations to what kind of support we can provide.

What's included in support
  • Free lifetime updates, which means you can install every update we publish
  • Documentation page with video tutorials
  • Answering questions via email about the included modules and features — these types of support requests will always be looked at and resolved by our support team

If you need specific changes to the look and feel of the theme, or you need to extend it, then we recommend enlisting the help of an outside/freelance developer with a good understanding of the HubSpot CMS. We don't have anyone to recommend in particular, but there are freelance websites such as Upwork or Fiverr, where you have a good chance of finding a good developer.

What's not included with the support?
  • Installation — because it's taken care of automatically by the HubSpot Marketplace. If there are problems with the installation process, we recommend reaching out to HubSpot directly
  • Customization. We don't provide support for customization (code changes, third-party implementation, design changes, content, etc.)
  • Video meetings or 1-on-1 chat

Support availability:
Monday - Sunday
6am - 5pm EST